Cast Stone

Transgulf is proud to have specialty in precasting concrete. Our high capacity equipments are more than capable of producing many different types of architectural applications in different shapes, sizes and functions depending on the requirements of our clients, from concrete seating to simply adding design elements to a site. Transgulf ensures great control in the quality of material used, as well as the artistry of the structure or shape of the concrete.

TGCP Pledge

Manufacturers of specialized architectural, structural precast products with vast finishes textured and colored concrete products from structures to furnitures with high quality and innovative design products. “TGCP” pledges, its best efforts to meet our client’s desires for all prestigious projects with an exceptional quality and detailed drawing within fixed time frame.

Hard Scape Products

‘TGCP’s vast experience in hard scape industry has been instrumental in successfully completing major projects across UAE. In the field of architectural excellence, we are known for the best; bringing our ingenuity with expertise by experienced teams of engineering.

Architectural Hardscape

Rapid advances in technology are revolutionizing the hard scape industry, including the end to end application of architectural information and modeling and rapid adoption in our products and modular solution in our products.


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