Flush Kerb

  • Can easily be laid flush with the street level for driveways

The flush kerb, so named for its right-angled edges and straight lines, are most commonly seen in residential neighborhoods with light vehicular traffic. In such areas that witness heavy footfalls, the flush kerb allows a straight step down for pedestrians, thus making them less likely to trip over kerbs. Another reason for their popularity stems from the fact that flush kerbs require minimum modification when being laid at driveway entrances of homes and villas. The straight edges of the flush kerb allow them to be easily laid flush with the carriageway to provide access for cars. Flush kerbs are available in a variety of colours and finishes to suit any of your kerbing projects

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All our products, including pavers, kerbs and tiles are available in a wide range of colours to suit any of your design requirements. Complete customisation is also possible to suit your particular project colour scheme. Please note that the exact colour of a product may vary according to chosen product and texture.

Please note that the exact colour of a product may vary according to chosen proinnerduct and texture.


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